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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will it cost me to apply for automobile financing?
No, it wouldn’t cost you. There is no application fee for submitting your auto loan request on the website. We provide 0 cost services to customers. The website is a sincere attempt to help its customers in getting affordable car financing. It is for the same reason that we have added a no obligation clause to the agreement. It helps car buyers to make a choice without any burden. They can accept or reject the loan quote according to their will.

Do you offer car loans in my State?
We cover all 50 states and capital district of USA. We have a network of 1000 plus lenders and dealer all over US that help us serve you better.

How secured is my personal information with ezAutoFinance.net?
We protect data using the most advanced SSL technology. We take every precaution to protect our user’s information. When users submit sensitive information via the website, it is protected both online and off-line. We use a Thawte SSL123 Certificate with 256 bit encryption to offer secure communications to and fro the site. You can view the security certificate by following this link - https://www.ezAutoFinance.net/

What type of vehicle is financed by ezAutoFinance.net?
We finance all types of cars, SUVs, trucks- used or new. We don't offer car loans for vintage/ muscle/ classic cars. Also, we don't accept auto loan applications for salvage cars.

What are the basic requirements for qualification?
1 - You must be at least 18 years old.
2 - You must have a valid SSN.
3 - Your gross monthly income should at least be $ 1,000.
4 - You must be currently employed.
5 - You should not have an open bankruptcy.
6 - No repossession in past one year.

What interest rates should I expect?
Your interest rate won't depend on a single factor. ezAutoFinance.net considers several factors before deciding on it. Your income, credit history, car type, loan amount, period of loan payment and many other factors affect your interest rate. We will help you get the best possible interest rate with our nation-wide network of lenders and dealers.

Is there any difference in financing a used car and a new vehicle?
It really doesn’t make any difference whether you are getting finance for a new or a used car. Through our widespread network of lenders and dealers, you can purchase a used car or a new car with affordable monthly payments.

What are the vehicle requirements/ used car eligibility criteria for getting a used car loan?
ezAutoFinance.net has several lenders and dealers in its network and every lender/dealer has his own used car eligibility criteria. However, these are the general requirements -
1 - The car should not be older than 7 years.
2 - It should not be driven for more than 90k miles.

What are my approval chances if I have a bad credit score?
Generally credit scores over 600 would give you better chances of approval. However, there have been instances when our subprime lenders have approved application with lower credit scores as well.

How to apply with a no credit score?
Even a beginning credit with no history is assigned certain score based on the information that is linked to your social security number, and in certain cases no credit is better than bad credit, so we suggest you to estimate a credit score range to reasonable degree and submit your application. You can discuss your situation in detail when contacted by our representative.

I am a student. How can I get a car loan from you?
Students can apply on our website by filling our online application form. We have kept our minimum income requirements to be as low as $ 1,000 so that we can accommodate a student's part time job income. Also, we accept car loan applications with no credit history.

Are you able to provide car loans without down payment?
Although necessary, it is sometimes impossible to get together money for down payment. In such circumstances, you can opt for our no down payment auto loans program. The car financing option lets you buy your car instantly and that too, without the difficult down payment.

Do I need a cosigner?
If you get someone with a good credit score to become a cosigner, the lender’s risk will be reduced. It will aid in reduction of your interest rate as well. But, finding a cosigner is tough. If you are unable to find a cosigner, avail auto loans without a cosigner which are available slightly higher rates. Our no cosigner car financing program will make your auto loan process simpler.

Can I apply for a car loan with bankruptcy?
You can apply for a post bankruptcy car loan because we don't accept car loans applications from those individuals who have an open bankruptcy.

How long does it take to know the credit decision? How much time does the car loan process take to complete?
It usually takes two business days to process your auto loan application and contact you.

What to do after submitting an application?
ezAutoFinance.net believes in burden-free car loan process. You don’t have to do anything after completing your application at ezAutoFinance.net. After your car loan is processed, you will be contacted by a local lender or dealer to discuss your car loan quote.

How to check the status of my car loan application?
For checking your application status, e-mail us at status@ezautofinance.net.

Can I choose my dealer?
Whether a lender or dealer will contact you depends upon your credit history. Lenders usually have extremely rigid lending criteria whereas dealers are open to car loan application with bad or no credit. If you have a credit problem, then it may so happen that a dealer from our network will contact you.

Is trade-in necessary?
When you trade-in your old car for a new one, the dealer will deduct the value of old vehicle from the price of new. Trade-ins always increase your chance of getting a car loan as a reduced loan amount will lower the lender's risk. Trade-ins will help you when you have bad credit. You can also trade-in your car and avoid paying down payment by asking the dealer to use the amount of your trade-in as down payment.


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